Scottsboro Boys Trials
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This petition from students at Howard University protests the "deplorable miscarriage of justice" in Haywood Patterson's 1933 trial in Decatur before Judge Horton. The petition includes seven pages with approximately 50 signatures on each page.
The National Student League City College Evening Chapter at City College of New York protests the "outrageous procedure and decision" of the courts in the 1933 trials and calls for the removal of Judge Callahan and the Scottsboro Boys' immediate…
Sent by the Cosmopolitan Club of New York University after the 1933 Decatur trial presided over by Judge Horton, this resolution demands a change of venue to Birmingham, the release of the Scottsboro Boys, protection for them and their attorneys from…
Members of the University of Chicago Student League unite in protest against the verdict of Haywood Patterson's second trial and ask Governor Miller to exercise his power to free the Scottsboro Boys.
Luke Osburn asks Governor Miller to use his influence to give the Scottsboro Boys a just trial. He writes that he does not criticize the state of Alabama and he is not particularly interested in the Scottsboro Boys themselves, but he is especially…
S. Ralph Harlow writes to Governor Miller that he had hoped Chief Justice Anderson's report on the Scottsboro case might have changed the course of things, but is disappointed that their trial will still take place in Decatur, instead of Birmingham,…
Tuskegee Institute president Robert R. Moton writes to the Governor of Alabama on the school's letterhead, applauding the orderly punishment of crime, but stating that he hopes the courts will be equally just with African Americans as with whites.
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