Letter from L. H. Goodshaw in Harvey, Illinois, to Gov. B. M. Miller in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Letter from L. H. Goodshaw in Harvey, Illinois, to Gov. B. M. Miller in Montgomery, Alabama.


Scottsboro Trial, Scottsboro, Ala., 1931; African Americans--Civil rights--Alabama; African Americans--Imprisonment--Alabama; Miller, Benjamin Meek, 1864-1944; Patterson, Haywood, b. 1912


L. H. Goodshaw questions the handling of the Scottsboro Boys and other prisoners in the Alabama jail system. He wonders why the guards do not do a better job of protecting them, and if the guards order other inmates to accost them. He reminds the Governor of Amendment XIV--the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution--and asks him to release the boys.


Goodshaw, L. H.


Alabama Governor, Scottsboro Case appeals to the Governor, SG004239, Folder 7, Alabama Dept. of Archives and History








United States--Illinois--Harvey

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After five days return to Dixie Highway Lunch L.H. Goodshaw Harvey Ill. 225 Western Ave. 134.W. 147 st. May 15 11 am 1933 Blue Island, Ill. Harvey Ill B. M. Miller Montgomery Ala. Harvey Ill. May 15 193 Gov .B.M.Miller. Montgomery Ala. Coming to my attention is the case of Haywood Patterson in the Jefferson county Jail, Is your system of handling prisoners so inefecent you cannot keep them from killing each other? Or is it the intention to have some tough to do the dirty job that you dare not do? These Scottsboro boys are Innocent and you knew it WHY do you not free them?? Is it because of their color? Does not the Consitution give these boys the same rights as other citizens? Read Amendment XIV Section I. As a citezen and voter with favors to none but justice to all, free these boys at once. Respectfully Yours L.H.Goodshaw. 134.W.147th ST/ Harvey Ill.