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In this telegram, "Mme St Clair" of New York pleads with Governor Miller for pardons for the Scottsboro Boys and offers to take their place in the electric chair.

The St. Louis Association of Colored Women ask Governor Miller to move the Scottsboro Boys' trial to Birmingham.
The Delta Sigma Theta sorority of Ardwick, Maryland, asks Governor Miller to free the Scottsboro Boys at once and to do away with lynch law. The group asks him to uphold justice, as the eyes of the world are on Alabama.
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom—whose mission is to promote social, political, and economic justice for all, without regard for race, sex, class, or creed—voice their disapproval of the handling of the Scottsboro case in…
Signed by "Mrs. J. E. Andrews, President," this telegram from the Women's National Association for the Preservation of the White Race requests that Governor Miller take no further action towards the Decatur trial, presided over by Judge Horton, until…
The Working Women's Club of New York Mills, Minnesota, protests the Scottsboro Boys' imprisonment and demands their release.
The members of the Young Women's Christian Association of the University of Nebraska write that they are shocked at the verdict from Haywood Patterson's second trial. They ask that he be pardoned and given safe conduct home, as they do not believe…
The Young Women's Christian Association, Blue Triangle Branch, of Des Moines, Iowa, praises Judge Horton's fair handling of the case so far and asks Governor Miller to move the trial to Birmingham.
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